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                Internal Grant
                Multi-Year Research Grant (MYRG)

                The MYRG is a funding source which provides a multi-year financial support to the internal research projects. A call for MYRG applications approved by the RC, defining its scope and any other conditions, will be made each year; for grants starting in the subsequent fiscal year.

                Start-up Research Grant (SRG)
                The SRG aims to provide a one-time support to new full-time academic staff, at a maximum of 3 years.
                Research & Development Grant for Chair Professor (CPG)

                The CPG is an annual grant made available only to the appointed “Distinguished Professors” and “Chair Professors”, aiming to provide financial support to promote and develop research related activities corresponding to their academic expertise.

                Conference Grant (CG)

                CG is open to all full-time academic staff in the faculties/institutes/centers, with intention to subsidize attendance in conferences with accepted research papers for presentation. Selection for support of conference applications will be based on the scientific criteria set by individual faculty unit.