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                Vision & Mission

                UM Vision:

                The University of Macau (UM) aspires to be an outstanding, internationally-recognised institution of higher learning, firmly committed to learner-centred education, focused research with impact, and dedicated public service. It aims to nurture self-reflective, caring, and socially responsible persons within a culturally diverse and intellectually challenging environment.

                UM Mission:

                UM undertakes as its prime mission the advancement of scholarship and education in the realms of humanities, social sciences, business, law, natural sciences, engineering, health sciences, education, and other areas.

                In carrying out this mission, the University is committed to the following taking full advantage of its unique Sino-European heritage and global connections:

                • Providing higher education in accordance with the University Motto (Humanity, Integrity, Propriety, Wisdom, and Sincerity);
                • Promoting academic research and disseminating knowledge;
                • Advancing culture, science, and technology, and promoting Macao’s growth;
                • Cultivating responsible citizens and leaders of high caliber who possess sound moral judgment and the ability of independent thinking necessary to meet the needs of development of Macao and the region.